Character: Detective Pitchman

Film Blurb:

Two detectives working on a murder case not only have to tolerate, but are also obligated to participate in, the pitching of retail products of all shapes and sizes while trying to do their jobs. The two cops do their best to solve the crime while they are beset by everything from teeth whitening gels and motivational seminars, to laundry detergent.

A Scene from Plugged is available on youtube here.

Screen Caps:

plug1 plug2 plug3 plug4 plug5 plug6

plug7 plug8 plug9 plug10 plug11 plug12

The Attackmen:

Character: Coach

Film Blurb:

"THE ATTACKMEN" refers to the players on a Lacrosse team positioned to score the most points in this aggressive sport. And Lacrosse means everything to Jordan Simms and Chris Wheatley, two high school seniors from different religious traditions who come to realize, as a life-changing game nears, that their parents' values aren't the same as their own.

A Scene from The Attackmen is available on vimeo here.