Episode: Remembrance (ep63)(s5)

Character: Ian Tilsley

Episode Summary:

Squatters are thrown off an allotment and end up in casualty where Brian's head wound is attended to and girlfriend, Jody's told she is pregnant. Julian crosses swords with Beth as he takes over one of her cases because Charlie thought she could handle it but his efforts to save the old lady are not entirely appreciated. Her son Howard and his wife Caroline, argue over her treatment but her death pushes them further apart. Jimmy is in trouble with Duffy and Charlie when his girlfriend Andrea, who has a drug problem, reveals he stole the drugs from their department. She eventually tells the truth and clears Jimmy, although Charlie always knew he was innocent. A spillage in a factory causes problems for three men who are overcome by fumes and the young Indian lad, manages to pull Ron and Sam out before collapsing. Ron blames the lad for the accident but has to apologise when he is told he owes his life to him.

Dominic's character arc :

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