For 4 years, Dominic starred in STAR TREK ENTERPRISE as Lt. Malcolm Reed, alongside Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley, Anthony Montgomery and Linda Park.

Character Description: Malcolm Reed

"British, uptight, shy around women" was part of the original character breakdown for the role of Malcolm Reed.

Proving himself an excellent Ordinance Officer (just like his great Uncle), Malcolm was picked to be Armoury Officeron Earth's first warp 5 ship under Captain Jonathan Archer.

StarTrek.com has a long bio about the character of Malcolm.

Show Description:
STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE is/was the fifth series of the STAR TREK franchise. Unlike other recent Trek shows it only lasted for 4 seasons (98 episodes).

Set before Captain Kirk and his NCC-1701 Enterprise, and 100 years after First Contact with the Vulcans, ENTERPRISE charts the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew of the NX-01 Enterprise, launching in the year 2151.

This ship is the first warp 5 capable ship and is humankind's first real foray into space without the help of the Vulcans.