[The Bill] (1989)
Episodes: Life and Death (ep89), You'll be Back (ep124) Old Wounds (ep283), Party Politics (ep425)
The Bill Info

[Casualty] (1990)
Episode: Remembrance (ep63)(s5)
Casualty Info

[Desmonds] (1989)
Starring (series 1-5)
Desmonds Info

[Inspector Morse] (1992)
Episode: Dead On Time (6.1)
Inspector Morse Info

[Teenage Health Freak] (1993)
THF Info

[Love Street] (1996)
Episode: Second Chance (2.7)
Love Street Info

[Poltergeist: the Legacy] (1998)
Episode: Father to Son (3.5)
Poltergeist Info

[Buffy The Vampire Spayer] (1999)
Episode: Helpless (3.12)
Buffy Info

[] (2000)
ChromiumBlue Info

[The Immortal] (2000)
The Immortal Info

[G vs E] (2000)
Episode: Orange Volvo (pilot) (1.1)
Orange Volvo Info
Episode: Immigrant Evil (2.3)
Immigrant Evil Info

[Special Unit 2] (2001)
Episode: The Wraps (1.3)
Special Unit 2 Info

[Star Trek Enterprise] (2001 - 2005)
Episode: All
Enterprise Info

[Las Vegas] (2006)
Episode: Bait and Switch (3.12)
Las Vegas Info

[Heroes] (2007)
Episodes: Four Months Later (2.1), Lizards (2.2), Kindred (2.3)
Heroes Info

[Prison Break] (2007)
Episode: Interference (3.5), Photo Finish (3.6)
Prison Break Info

[Holby City] (2008)
Episode: Love Will Tear Us Apart (10.25)
Holby Info

[CSI: New York] (2010)
Episode: Uncertainty Rules (6.16)

[Sons Of Anarchy] (2010)
Episodes: Lochan Mor (3.8), Turas (3.9)
SoA Info

[Breakout Kings] (2011)
Episodes: Double Down (2.3)
BK Info


[Jungle2Jungle] (1997)
Jungle2Jungle Info

[Folle d'elle] (1998)
Folle d'elle Info

[Auteur Theory] (1999)
Auteur Theory Info

[Hollywood Sign] (2001)
Hollywood Sign Info

[Hollywood Kills](2006)
Hollywood Kills Info

[Beowulf (Director's Cut)] (2007)
Beowulf Info

[Certifiably Jonathan] (2007)
Certifiably Jonathan Info

[Species IV: The Awakening] (2007)
Species Info

[The Ninong] (2009)
Ninong Info

[Sherlock Holmes] (2010)
Sherlock Holmes Info

[The One Warrior] (2011)
The One Warrior Info

[A Killer Walks Amongst Us] (2016)
A Killer Walks Info

[Unbelievable!!!!!] (2017)
Info - coming soon

[Once Upon a Time in London] (2017)
Once Upon a Time in London Info