Folle d'elle:

Character: Chris

Film Blurb:

Folle is in french, so if you can follow.. well done! But then... it's not that hard to get the basic plot. Lead male is straight and newly single.. but he soon sees a woman he thinks is right for him. But she's sworn off men for the time being. She is, however, wanting a roommate. Pretending to be gay, he gets into her life (and her house) and with the aid of his Gay Best Friends (tm) he fools her as long as he can while dodging an ex-girlfriend (who could 'in' him) and a few others who are attracted to him...

Dominic is in the movie, but his voice isn't. It was filmed in a mixture of french and english so that international versions would have subtitles only for the french sections. The film never got that expected release so the only version available is fully dubbed french.
Starring Ophelie Winter and Jean-Marc Barr.

Screen Caps

folle1 dominic keating folle2 dominic keating folle3 dominic keating folle4 dominic keating folle5 dominic keating folle6 dominic keating

folle7 dominic keating folle8 dominic keating folle9 dominic keating folle10 dominic keating folle11 dominic keating folle12 dominic keating