Character: Will

Episode (arc) Summary:

After Peter Petrelli exploded at the end of season 1, we now find him alive but with amnesia chained to the inside of a cargo pod in a dockyard in Cork, Ireland when crooks break in looking for ipods.

Dominic Character arc:

Will is one of the gang in the heist for the ipods. After they bring Peter to the pub, he begins to manifest strange powers that the gang can't explain. They need to pull a major heist and need Peter's help. Peter overhears telepathically from Will that he wants to money for himself. No one believes Peter because he is the outsider. The heist goes to plan but back in the pub, Will tries to take the money but Peter stops him and he runs from the pub alone with the head of the gang embracing Peter as part of the group. Later we see Will at the docks working when Elle shows up looking for Peter and he points her in the right direction...

Screen Caps

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