Holby City:

Character: Ollie

Episode Summary:

Maddy is rocked when she receives a call from Clifford, distracting her from her duties on AAU and causing her to make errors in surgery. Joseph is being suspiciously nice to Jac in the wake of her arrest - which upsets Faye, and Donna's attempts to get time alone with Michael go wrong when it imperils a potential organ donation.

Dominic's character arc :

Ollie arrives at the hospital on his bike with someone behind him. It turns out to be Sabrina, his (former) best friend's daughter who he is currently seeing and who is suffering from a hernia she developped pulling a drunken Ollie out of the gutter one night.But despite his ways and her father's protests, she loves him and wants to live with him. As Ollie andher father wait for Sabrina to come out of surgery, Ollie is punched and has to have his nose seen to.

Screen Caps

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