Dominic's stage credits include University productions of "Life Class" and "Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead." He won an award for Best Actor on the Fringe for his role as Cosmo in "The Pitchfork Disney" at the Bush Theatre in London. He also starred in the one-man play "The Christian Brothers" in King's Cross and in "The Best Years of Your Life" at the Man in the Moon Theatre in Chelsea. He was awarded the Mobile Prize for his performance in "Amongst Barbarians" at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, which then transferred to the Hampstead Theatre in London. Other performances include roles in "Screamers" at the Edinburgh Playhouse Festival and in "Alfie" at the Tiffany Theatre in Los Angeles.

Above is his basic stage bio. Below are excerpts from programmes dated around 1990 or so for early performances. As well as scans of pertinent programme bits and pieces. If anyone has any other sources for old programmes, feel free to email!

Private Times

private times private times private times

Private Times
by Kevin Fegan
11 May - 2 June 1990
Library Theatre, Manchester

Dominic's Biography:
Dominic was educated at Uppingham School and studied History at University College, London.
His theatre credits include Mathews in Life Class (Bloomsbury Theatre and Edinburgh Festival), Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Bloomsbury Theatre), The Christian Brothers (Albion Studios), The Best Years Of Your Life (Man in the Moon), Screamers (Playhouse, Edinburgh), and here in Manchester, Bryan in Amongst Barbarians, the Mobil Prize winning production at the Royal Exchange, which then transfered to London's Hampstead Theatre.
Television credits include two series of Desmond's, in which he plays Tony, and Thames TV's The Bill.
Film credits include Pigs in Clover in which he played the lead, Colin.

Four Door Saloon

four door saloon four door saloon four door saloon

Four Door Saloon
by Jennifer Phillips
from 11 July 1991
Hampstead Theatre, London

Dominic's Biography:

Dominic Keating was educated at Uppingham School and University College, London. His theatre credits include Life Class and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at the Bloomsbury Theatre, The Best Years Of Your Life (Man in the Moon), Screamers (Playhouse, Edinburgh), Amongst Barbarians (Royal Exchange, Manchester and Hampstead), Private Times (Library Theatre, Manchester) and The Pitchfork Disney (Bush Theatre). Television includes The Bill, The Paradise Club, Casualty, Inspector Morse and three series of Desmond's, in which he plays Tony. Film roles include Colin in Pigs in Clover.

Dominic is also mentioned briefly in the dedication to Michael Wall, writer of Amongst Barbarians:
Kathy Burke and Dominic Keating, whom you will see on stage tonight, were in both stage productions of Amongst Barbarians so it seems appropriate to us to dedicate the performances of Four Door Saloon to Michael - a fine writer and a dear man.

Pitchfork Disney

Pitchfork Disney
by Philip Ridley
Bush Theatre in London UK
The Pitchfork Disney Reviews:

"Brilliantly incarnated by Dominic Keating, Cosmo is the quintessence of Clearasil. A zit-free. tackily intimidating narcissist, he brags of having hatched as a fully fledged adult." - Paul Taylor

"The intruder is Cosmo Disney, an 18-year-old played with staccato disdain by the excellent Dominic Keating." - Benedict Nightingale


by William Shakespeare

Hamlet Reviews:
"Technically the finest performance of the evening probably came from Dominic Keating as Laertes, thrusting himself about the place in a very confident fashion, with just the right blend of arrogance and rightful indignation in his conflicts with Hamlet, particularly in the carefully choreographed and beautifully executed dual. With guidance and more experience, Mr. Keating could be a fine young actor." - Rowan Atkinson and David Stevens

Amongst Barbarians

Amongst Barbarians
by Michael Wall
published by Nick Hern Books, 1989
from February 9-25, 1989
Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, UK
Awards: Michael Wall, Mobil Playwriting Award

Cast: Dominic Keating (Bryan), Ronan Vibert (Ralph), Tariq Yunus, Zubie Dar, and Anji Dar (Gaolers/Guards), Sakuntala Ramanee (Lawyer), Christopher Hancock (George), Avril Elgar (Wendy), Kathy Burke (Lilly), Rosalind March (Toni), Ricardo Sibelo (Barman).

Amongst Barbarians Reviews:
"Dominic Keating excels as Bryan, the yobbo unable to comprehend his situation." - Terry Hamilton

"A touching display of agitated aggro from Dominic Keating." - Kenneth Hurre