Inspector Morse:

Character: Tony St. Michael

Show Summary:

The winner of the Royal Television Society award for Best Youth Programme, Teenage Health freak was an adaption of Aidan Macfarlane and Ann McPherson's novel "The Diary of a Teenage Health Freak". Shown on Britain's Channel 4 in the early 90s, this teenage comedy-drama ran for 12 half-hour episodes over 2 seasons.
The Health Freak in question is one Peter Payne (Alex Langdon) and we follow his attempts to cope with his parents (Tilly Vosburgh and series writer Daniel Peacock) and school-life, dominated by his lust for beautiful classmate Amanda Jeffs (Liza Walker). Things were not plain sailing though, as Amanda hardly knew he was alive and clueless headmaster (Tony Robinson) didn't help matters. To blow off steam, Peter used a video camera to record his life.

Dominic Character arc:

Again, the lack of knowledge on the show, and how many episodes Dominic was in, it is difficult to do a full redux.
Tony is a photographer. He took some compromising pictures of a client who now wants those pictures back from him. He sold them despite telling her he wouldn't and they showed up in a pub advertising peanuts! She buys them back from him for a lot of money but he then turns evil and tells her she'll never work as a model again. episode 12 summary: Tony is not happy. Thanks to Amanda he now has a criminal record, but even worse, Jo decides to enter her painting of him in an art competition.

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