Las Vegas:

Episode: Bait and Switch

Character: Anthony Denvy

Episode Summary:

Big Ed and Mike have to find out how a gambler is cheating at the craps table who claims he can win everytime he plays.

Dominic's character arc :

Anthony arrives at the Montecito and plays a few hands, he wins everytime but always stops when he gets to 10,000. Big Ed asks him what it is, and he says he just gets a feeling and it goes once 10,000 hits. In order to find out how he cheats, Ed and Mike ask him to do some publicity for the Montecito by playing a few hands and they'd pay him for it. They put a camera in a chip to find out what can be seen and how the dice are switched. But they still can't see anything. What else is Anthony doing? And when will they catch him?

Screen Caps

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