Video Games

[StarLancer] (2000)
Character(s): Claymore - Doug Macleod

[Dragon Age: Origins] (2009)
Character(s): Mouse

[Epic Mickey] (2010)
Character(s): Gremlin Prescott

[Diablo III] (2012)
Character(s): Templar

[Epic Mickey 2] (2012)
Character(s): Gremlin Prescott

[Destiny] (2014)
Character(s): Xander 99-40, Bounty Tracker / Arcite 99-40, Crucible Quartermaster / City Vendor Frame

[World of Warcrafy: Legion] (2016)
Character(s): Tirathon Saltheril

Audio Books

[One of the Family by Monica Dickens] (2013)
Notes: unabridged, published by Audible Studios.

[The General from America] (2015)
Notes: for LA Theatre Works

[The Iliad - new translation] (2016)
Notes: for HarperCollins

[The Mermaid's Daughter] (2017)
Notes: for HarperCollins